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Do The North

Adventure photography and videography

The Brief

Do The North craft unforgettable adventures kayaking and wild camping in the Saint Anna and Gryt archipelagoes of Sweden. Here at the wilds we have a passion for adventure and love nothing more than telling it's story first hand. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Do The North on one of their self guided kayaking trips and created some stunning imagery for use on their web and social channels.

The Solution

The only way to capture the essence of what makes Do The North's trips so unique was to jump in a kayak and experience it for ourselves, we had three days paddling and camping to create content that showed the serene and beautiful environment of the Sankt Anna Archipelago. We wanted to make a video that highlighted how quiet and peaceful it was on the water. To emphasise this we worked with a Foley artist to produce a custom soundtrack to keep the focus on the sounds of nature. Using a combination of aerial and static video we told the story of a day out on the water and focused on the stunning Swedish sunsets in the accompanying imagery. All route planning logistics and storyboarding was done prior to the shoot.but only by being fully embedded in the adventure could we faithfully capture a true Do The North experience.

The Details

To truly capture the scale and solitude of the Sankt Anna Archipelago we had to take to the skies. Thousands of tiny deserted islands make perfect conditions for Kayaking.

Along with the beautiful nature, we wanted to highlight the small towns which are dotted around a few of the larger islands to show the range of different sights available on the trips.

The Swedish sunrise and sunsets in September last for around 3 hours each and really help to highlight the beauty and calm of the environment.

Our aim was to create aspirational content to help sell the Do The North trips, and by embedding ourselves into the adventure we were in the best position to capture these details.

"We’re beyond happy with the material Jake produced. He managed to capture the essence of kayaking and wild camping in the Saint Anna Archipelago beautifully. It’s not an easy feat to truly convey the stillness, solitude and natural beauty of the experience. Many have tried and failed. Amazing drone work!”
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