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Form Nutrition

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The Brief

Form Nutrition craft plant based nutritional products. From protein powders for the body to nootropics supplements for the brain, they are stocked throughout the UK and are expanding globally. A company built on the core foundation of mindfulness of others, they asked us to join them on a trip to Gambia to help tell the story of the Form Family Feeding Fund. For every Form product purchased a much needed meal is provided to vulnerable patients and families at Bansang Hospital in the Gambia. We followed their first trip to see the impact of their work and created imagery and video that educates form’s customers to the positive impacts from their purchases.

The Solution

After talking with the Form team and Anita Smith MBE from the Bansang Hospital Appeal, we decided upon a series of short videos for web and social coupled with impactful imagery that told the human stories of those that have benefitted from the Form Family Feeding Fund. Our goal is always to highlight positive messages through our work and avoid the pitfalls of dwelling on adversity. Our experience in editorial photography and videography equipped us to find unique and visual stories that told the message in subtle and beautiful ways, providing candid images of the Form team in the hospital and the impact that the donations they provide has had on the lives of the local people.

The Details

The Wilds team storyboarded a number of narrative arcs before leaving to Gambia, but the benefit of being on the ground meant that we could be led by individual stories of those that have benefitted from the Form Family Feeding Fund. We met and interviewed a number of families that were able to stay at the hospital to ensure their relatives could receive the medical attention they needed thanks to the fund.

We sat with staff to hear the impact of the fund first hand. The largest danger to patients at Bansang hospital was absenteeism, where families would leave because they could not afford to feed themselves while their children or relatives received treatment. With the fund, absenteeism has dropped significantly, meaning that every family that walks through the doors of Bansang can stay to receive the care they need.

Everywhere we went in the hospital and Bansang, we were confronted by the massive impact the hospital and its work has on these remote regions of The Gambia. Hours from the busy tourist areas of the coast, the Central River Division is isolated and to the thousands of residents in the region, the Bansang Hospital is a vital lifeline. The work of Form ensures that every patient and their family can access the incredible healthcare at the Bansang Hospital.

The Wilds team felt privileged to embed with the Form and Bansang Hospital team to follow them and document their eye-opening experiences seeing the impact of their work for the first time in person. We pride ourselves on being self-sufficient and unobtrustive wherever in the world we work.

“Jake works with joy and resilience and delivers soul touching photographs. We were very lucky to have him capturing images of Bansang Hospital in The Gambia. The conditions there were physically and emotionally challenging, but nothing seem to ever make his enthusiasm and dedication fade. His adventurous spirit, understanding attitude, generous heart and commitment makes him an incredible addition to any project. We couldn’t recommend him enough”
Natalia Bojanic and Damian Soong - Form Co-Founders
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