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The Brief

Inspired by the writings of such literary giants as Danny Wallace and Dave Gorman, Teach Us is an adventure with a simple question at it's core: "Teach us a skill?". With this as a core idea, it was clear a recognisable brand, presence and messaging would be needed in order to attract teachers and press attention. We worked with the Teach Us team to build the brand and content from the key messages to the bespoke website and assets for press interaction.

The Solution

We worked with the Teach Us team to build a brand that was bold, playful and caught people's attention. The logo, colourway and printed materials are designed to be powerful and distinctive. We then built a bespoke Wordpress template to deliver the constantly evolving content and worked with the team to tell the stories that unwound as the project evolved, writing copy, producing stills and video and evolving the brand as it progressed.

The Details

It’s common to hear “I wish I knew how to do that”, but much less common to hear about people who’ve actually taken steps to gain that knowledge. That’s why Teach Us are making a conscious effort to learn more by asking the UK’s most skilled people to come forward and teach us something.

Teach Us tells the individual stories of passionate skilled people around the UK with aspirational imagery and intimate videos. Our web design and development was created to let this imagery and video take centre stage and allowing the stories to be discovered organically.

From Breakdancing to Bread-making, Needle-felting to Wicker Basket Making, we have had the pleasure of working with the Teach us team to spread a passion in Skills and the people who practice them.

Each experience was unique and taught the Teach Us team something new. We aimed to tell each story in a way that suited the teacher and highlight the things that sparked their passion.

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